Your Guide To: AW18 Fashion

The turn of a new season also brings about a shift in our style. With the cold weather now closing in, we’re looking to translate the latest sartorial updates from the AW18 catwalk into our wardrobe. Whether you’re heading out for a formal business affair or a casual catch up with some friends at the weekend, these are the must-have threads for the season ahead…


Despite its old-fashioned connotations, tweed is a trend we can usually expect to resurface year upon year. It is one of the most practical style trends for keeping warm as it will eliminate the need to bulk up in multiple layers.

This quintessentially British fabric is a true icon of the countryside. With its delicate suede detailing, the Tweed Jacket from Roy Robson’s AW18 collection makes for a perfect choice when it comes to incorporating this look. Its flexible texture and water-resistant finish make this durable material ideal for harsher conditions and ultimately provides a fashion solution which is practical without compromising on style.


This seventies gem has been edging its way back onto the sartorial scene over the past couple of years and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see its return. Whilst the shades were limited to unsightly colours of dishwater brown and mid-century orange back in its heyday, the fabric is a lot more versatile than most people recognise.

If you’re looking to introduce this material into your wardrobe with careful subtlety, then a corduroy shirt is a good place to start. The casual collection from Eton Shirts offers a vast range of options, perfect for incorporating this trend. Opting for a rich jewel tone, such as emerald green or burgundy, is a very effective way of introducing both colour and texture to a look, whilst also keeping it casual.


The AW18 catwalks had a distinctly Matrix vibe this season, with daring full-length leather coats and (even more daring) leather trousers. Despite its origin as the grizzly biker’s staple item, the leather jacket has evolved over the years to become a wardrobe staple for the modern man.

When styled correctly, a leather jacket can be the secret weapon of your autumn winter wardrobe. Whatever style you land on, whether it’s an edgy bomber to the iconic shearling coat, the most important factor to consider is the fit. Ensure you can fit at least one layer of clothing underneath and ensure it doesn’t drop below the belt-line. Team up with a pair of Leather Boots, such as the Butcher model from Barker Shoes, and you will have an outfit that is brimming with contemporary style.

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